“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.”

Jim Rohn

Because we are in debt, we have been looking for a side hustle. A neighbor we trust let us know that they have been doing direct sales for Kyani. I immediately closed out, because direct sales or network marketing is just not something I enjoy. My father used to have parties and sell things to family all the time and I think it soured me. What changed my mind was that my neighbor said they understand the reputation of direct sales and that it is not for everyone. That was it! They did not try to pressure me or any of that other non-sense, we just went on with our other conversation.

Because they were not pushing this product, I thought this must be different, so at the end I asked about it. They just simply said they are taking their health supplements and it is making a difference in their energy and health. Of course, that is what I am looking for in my life, better health, so the product sounded good to me. That was step 1 for me, is it a good product.

I then asked about the business opportunity and found that they have been doing direct sales with Kyani for 6 months and besides the health benefits, they are now clearing $1,000 a month for the 2nd month in a row. They didn’t just tell me, they showed me their checks. So, the company pays you for your efforts, that was step 2 for me.

They said that now that they have hit the “Sapphire” stage getting at least a $1,000 paycheck for 2 months, that every month they clear that amount Kyani will give them a $1,000 down payment and $500 a month for a dream car. The car has to be white and will have a small Kyani sticker on the side, but outside of that it can be any vehicle you would like. I am not much of a car person, so that was not that interesting to me, but it is nice that the company also rewards you for your efforts.

Finally, they said they are enjoying the personal development that comes with direct sales and they are learning a great deal about business. I read a great deal of business books, but I never put them into practice, so this was interesting to me as well.

Well, that was enough for me and my wife, so we signed up to distribute the product. We are going to do this part-time 2 hrs a day. The first is to sign up and then take the product, which I have been doing for a couple of weeks now and I am becoming a fan of the health products. They have the triangle of health which is a Sunrise drink, Sunset Vitamin for nighttime, and an oxygen boost throughout the day. I am starting to have a little more energy to get up and move. The next is to talk to people and sell the product, which really is more beneficial to become a distributor because you get the product much cheaper.

All this is to say we are now in business selling Kyani as a side hustle. The more I listen to people like Jim Rohn, or Darren Hardy, it is clear I have been mistaken about direct sales. More people have become millionaires through consistent direct sales than any other industry – real estate is 2nd. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you want to be a better, higher achieving person. I’m starting to regret not doing this earlier in life.

Some goals:

Read 10 pages everyday of a book, any book, but read.

30 min of video of a motivational talk of some kind.

10 no’s a week. Get 10 people to say no to you every week. That gets you talking to people.

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