Kyani Post

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”

Jim Rohn

I posted this to my friends on Facebook:

Whoo boy! What have we done! We are taking on a new adventure with Kyani. We are jumping into this completely blind (I guess we did try a sample and it tasted good and turned our pee bright yellow – I take that as a good sign – but we are doing this mostly blind.) It could blow up in our faces spectacularly, but what’s life without whimsy? We are not thinking about it, we are just doing it; testing it to see, because life is a testing ground or something.

We are taking the 90-day challenge to improve our health with these nutritional products and distributing them on the side. If it does what it says, then they have a customer for life, if not then oh well! we are going to have some fun all the same.

We decided to take this on blindly because I am bored, and when I am bored, I do silly things. My wife is just being supportive of my boredom, plus she gets to test the skin care products, so that’s cool. I was just looking for a side hustle in the evenings to cure my boredom and since I want to be healthy as well, I thought why not give this a try?

Nobody sold this to us – we are not motivated by flashy things. I mean they have those things: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, triangles, rare plants from mystical forests, cars, vacations, Klingons, Wookie’s, Lions, and Tigers, and Bears oh my! OK some of that may not be true, but those things do not mean much to us. We are simply looking for a good product that makes us a little healthier. If this does that, then we will be happy!

The downside – it costs money: “Just the price of a cup of coffee an hour” as Michael Scott says. The reality is that we eat out just about every day and we buy soda a thousand times a day, so if cost is the only risk involved, we can mitigate it by cutting back on eating out and buying soda. If we just ate out half as much as we do now, it covers our costs and that alone should make us healthier, so “win win …. win” – Michael Scott.

Outside of a few posts with updates, you won’t hear us talk about it much (phew!), unless you have questions. We have been told that Kyani is good enough to stand on its own merits, so we will trust that.

However, I secretly hope everyone will join this adventure, because things are much more fun when we do them together. Every job I have had, the good days are good, and the bad days are bearable because of the people I’ve worked with. I don’t see why it’s not the same things here. Plus, we get to be our own bosses, get healthy, and go to cool events together! So yeah sign up, or don’t, but do.

Anywho, wish us luck!

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