This is a post from April 2014 when the movie Noah was coming to the big screen. When the movie came out on DVD a few months later I rented it from Redbox. I did not make it past the first 10 min. Just not my thing, as most movies these days.

April 2014:

It appears there a great deal of controversy surrounding the Noah Movie, whether real or imagined, I will leave up to the reader to decide. Movies in general to me have become less about original story telling, creativity and fun, and more about political messages, uninventiveness, and re-telling the same stories over and over with a different spin. I imagine the Noah story is no different.

When I first heard they were making a movie about Noah, my first thought was what else is new? I had no desire, and still do not have any desire to see it. My faith in God and belief in the Bible is not swayed by what I see on TV or the movie screen. I do not take issue with those who do or do not see the show. It is meaningless to me if they liked it or disliked it. It is irrelevant to my faith what interpretation a movie director has about a Biblical story.

For me, the Bible Noah story is one of the most important scriptural accounts we have and a great parallel to our own day. It is a warning voice against pride and hate. It is a plea to love God and your fellow man. It is a story of the patience and mercy of God and the free agency or choices of man. It is incredibly important for us to read and not dismiss.

There is very little said in the Bible about the Noah story, but we have the Book of Moses, which gives us a great detailed vision of Enoch who saw the days of the flood. This account gives us great insights into the Noah story and what it means for our day.

Moses 7:28 “And it came to pass that the God of heaven looked upon the residue of the people, and he wept.” That is a stunning verse. This is not the ‘mass murdering God’ of Bill Mauer. No indeed the God of heaven wept at what His children were choosing to do. That is the key point. God gives us our free agency to choose Him. Instead the people in the days of Noah had chosen to hate each other and to hate God. It didn’t please God, He sorrowed and wept.

Moses 7:29 “And Enoch said unto the Lord: How is it thou canst weep?”

Moses 7:33 “[U]nto thy brethren have I (God) said, and given commandment, that they should love one another, and that they should choose me their Father; but behold they are without affection, and they hate their own blood.”

That is the Noah story. God wants us to choose Him, but the choice is our own. When we don’t choose Him and instead hate each other, then not only is God sorrowful, but His judgments are just. Is it better that children in the days of Noah were born into a world that was so corrupt that the child would learn nothing but hate? What does this lesson say about our day? How does this story apply to our own life? Ought we not to choose to love God and our fellow man?  The Noah story is a very powerful lesson in God’s love, His pleadings and patience with us and it is all right there in the revealed word of God. No artistic interpretation necessary.

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