My Summer of Being a Vegan

“You once were a ve-gone, but now you will be-gone.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A few summers ago, I decided I did not want to continue with my current diet and decided to try the Vegan diet. Technically, the diet I found was a whole food plant based diet. I am not really sure if I kept a strict Vegan diet or if it was more vegetarian, but all the same it consisted of not eating meat or anything dairy related.

Really the diet was mostly fried potatoes (no butter), and whole wheat pasta’s. I also drank a green smoothie in the morning for breakfast. Oh, I remember I had almond milk (no sugar) if I had some Oatmeal.

I really can’t think of much else that I ate, other than these few things, though I am certain there were more. I made recipes I found online and I if I ate out, it would consist of the Vegan menu.

The most surprising aspect of this diet was that after about a week or two, it was no longer difficult to keep up with it. My cravings were intense the for those weeks, but once they went away, it was really no big deal.

During this time, I also only drank water, no soda or juices of any kind. My weight did not see an intense drop, I remember it was about 10 lbs in the 3 months, but I felt great. Like really great. I had energy and outside of the detox of the first couple of weeks I did not feel sick.

The hardest day was a birthday celebration. As a family, we went up into the mountains to do some hiking and relaxing. The closest town had a restaurant that we went to one night and they did not have any options outside of a side salad with no dressing. As my family ate their burgers and fries, I was eating a small salad and starving. That was the toughest day, but I got through it.

So why did I stop? Well, first cause I don’t hate myself 🙂 I kid I kid. But work had a pizza party and the pizza was just too much to resist. I had made it through the summer, it was getting colder, and the pizza smelled sooooo good. I thought, maybe just one little slice won’t hurt. Well, you know how it goes, and I have not been back on it since.

I should start thinking about it again, perhaps even just trying a couple times a week until I get used to it before adding more days. It really seemed to help with inflammation and overall energy.

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