The Best Plans

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

Mike Tyson

This week sucked. I had such high plans for the month of Oct. I still do have those plans and it will not change. However, the start has not gone according to plan and I need to make adjustments. In the past, I would simply stop trying when things did not go my way, but I am getting better at letting it go and moving on.

My intention this week, was to stop drinking soda, go on the slow card diet, and change up my workout routine to more weight training. My goal was to drop 5-10 lbs by the end of the month. That was my intention.

Then I lost it on my boss and had to talk to the big boss. The stress of the job just got to be too much and I did not think my boss was being supportive. Rather it felt like an us against them situation when it should not be that way. The job is difficult enough on its own merits, without fighting against the boss.

When I spoke to the big boss, I was told that I was valued and that I could move teams. I have never asked to move teams before, so this was uncharted territory for me. She gave me till the end of the week. I then got a call from my boss, with an explanation of what her perspective was, that it was not her intention to fight with us, that she was under a great deal of stress, and that she would do better. So, I did not request to leave the team.

I did however get sick. Super sick. It has to be the stress of losing it on the boss. I have never done that before and I worried what the outcome would be. The outcome was great, and so I relaxed and I got sick.

Head cold, sinus pressure, no energy etc. I have been laying in bed all week, have not started my diet, and have not been to the gym. It has been a bummer.

The good news though is next week does not have to be this week. I do not need to let a set back stop me from trying again. That is where I have gone wrong in the past and I do not want to make that mistake this time. I have been punched in the mouth, but it does not need to be a knockout. Besides, I made a commitment that I would be there, at the gym, a year from now. Through good and bad I will still be there in the end. That to me is the only way to progress. Keep trying, keep battling, and show up.

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