Small Victories

“Motivation is what gets you started. Commitment is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

Yesterday was a telling day. My wife and I had taken last week off from the gym and life, because we were ill. It would be so easy to fall into the trap of not caring anymore, but we wanted to get back to where we left off.

At 4 am our autistic child woke up puking. He had puked all over his bed and was a mess. I got him out of his bed and something to puke in on the couch. He puked 2 more times, but by the end of the hour, around 5 am he stopped and was starting to feel better. We all went back to bed for a couple of hours.

The other kids got up to go to school at 7 am and we were awake again. Once they were off to school, we had our boy get into the shower, while we cleaned up his bed. As we were cleaning, we really didn’t notice the time and I realized he had been in the shower for at least a half hour or so.

I opened the door to tell him it was time to get out of the shower and I left the door open. There was so much steam coming from the bathroom that when I left the door open the steam went into the smoke detector in the hall and set off the alarms. This is just to give you an idea of the type of morning we had on a day that we were supposed to get back to the gym and eating well.

It would have been easy to say we should not go today, that we were too tired, but after work we decided to just go all the same. We did not want to go, but we did go. I would like to say it felt great, but it sucked! It did feel great to keep a commitment and get back into the gym routine.

I was also able to not drink soda yesterday, (looking forward to the headache today), along with not eat anything after 6pm.

When I woke up I took my Sunrise and Nitro from Kyani, then for lunch I had oatmeal with almond milk, a banana, and a little honey. For dinner we had crepes. I had some more Nitro before the gym and at bedtime along with Sunset and with the workout, felt great this morning when I took Nitro and Sunrise for breakfast. I weighed in at 231 lbs., which is great cause I have been closer to 240 than 230 the last few months. So much soda!

I want to get to 220 as my next goal. Today will be cardio then back to weights tomorrow.

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