More Small Victories

Something pretty cool happened at the gym yesterday. Last month my wife and I went to the gym doing cardio 3 times a week and weights 2 times a week. This was just to get us into going to the gym and being consistent.

Last week we were ill and were not able to make it to the gym at all. This week, although we have been tired and did not want to go, we went on Monday to do weight training and yesterday was a cardio day, as we have changed to 3 times a week weight training and 2 times a week cardio.

When we did our weight training on Monday, we both felt really weak and were not able to lift heavy weights. We were a bit discouraged, as it seems we were regressing. Then yesterday, it took all that we had to make it to the gym, but we went. We decided to go for a walk on the treadmill for 45 min.

That is when it happened. Although I was walking with the same settings I had before we stopped going, it did not feel like it was enough, so I increased the speed. I also increased the incline. By the end of the workout, I noticed that, although I was crazy sweaty, it did not feel like I was struggling. It felt like I had improved and could do an even more difficult workout next time. When I glanced over to my wife, she was almost in a sprint and was experiencing the same thing.

This was surprising to me, considering we had not been to the gym in a week and the weight training did not seem to go very well. Perhaps, that giving up soda combined with the Kyani diet is starting to pay some dividends. Just the boost we needed to get back into going to the gym this week. Small victories~!

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