So Close

It was a bit unusual for me this week. It was 10 pm and I had not been to the gym, so I decided to go. I have not been that late and there really wasn’t anyone there. I have had the goal of running a 5k in 45 min on the treadmill and so far have not reached it. I decided to give it a go on Wed.

I was feeling really good that night, but when I saw there was not anyone there I decided to weight train instead. I did 30 min. of my lifting routine and then thought, well, why not run for at least a mile and that is what I did.

I was super sore on Thursday and my son had his annual parents vs kids soccer match that night, so I thought it would be good to see how running outside would go for me during this event. I was not fast by any means, but I did not get as winded as the last time we played them. I was able to keep up and felt great afterwards.

So today, at lunch, I decided I was going to go for it. I got to the gym and plugged in to the 5k. My first problem was my calves that started to burn right away. That went away after the 1st mile, which I did just under 15 min. Then I started to lose my breath the 2nd mile and still was under 30 min. A little off pace, but great for me. I did not bring any water with me, so my last problem was thirst. I made the 3rd mile just under 45 min. but by that point I was spend and had to slow down for the remaining time. Total time 46:32 sec.

Although I did not quite get there, I am extremely happy to be improving.

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