I’ve Tried It, It Doesn’t Work

This is a bit of a depressing post:

I was reading another of a long list of motivational writings and it said the same things – If you want to be happy and successful do these things.

The things are always the same: read books, exercise, eat right, write a blog, start a business etc.

The problem is that I have tried all of these things, and do them consistently, and I am simply not any more happy or successful than before I started them.

Read books: I have done this everyday for at least 15 years. I recommend it highly to everyone. I believe it is the only thing that keeps me going. However, I am no more successful and happy than before I started. In fact, I may be less so.

Exercise and eating right: I have been trying this on and off for years and years. I love the feeling of being in shape and losing weight. I am currently on a weight loss trend. Never perfect at it, but certainly better than before. Yet again, something is missing.

Write a blog they say: Blogs do not make money. They may for some, but they are outdated and I do not know anyone who has made a penny on a blog. Great for journal writing and giving bad advice, but outside of that, it is really just words words words. Meaningless and useless and not a money or happiness maker.

Start a business: same as the blog. I even go excited about Kyani a company that makes a good product that nobody could care less about. They sell hope and the reality is it gives depression. Lost more money than I will ever make with it, but again there are some who do make money somewhere with it I am sure, just not me.

I could go on and on, but what I think is really happening is we live in an advertisement society that puts our dreams just out of reach. Something that you can feel and sense, but is not reachable, because there really is not happiness in material things. If I just had done something a little different, or if I just could make this amount of money, but then it turns into the next “if I just could” and round and round we go.

I try all of the things the books tell me make you successful and happy and they do not work. Not for me. Oh and I have tried positive affirmations and being positive, so cross that one off the list.

You want to know what works? Working till 65 at a job you hate to make it day to day and hoping you have anything left over for when you retire and are too sick and tired to work anymore. That is what works, because it is all we know.

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