The One

You never expect it, and so you do not think about it, and then it happens: My Mother in-law passed away last week. It was unexpected and we are not prepared for it. She had been having issues, falling down and so on, for the last few years and we did not think this was any different. It was not worse, but it had not gotten any better.

Life is precious and so when we go the call we assumed she had fallen again. This time it was different, however, and time has run out. As it pertains to this blog, here is what it means to us, to me really.

I am depressed and not going to the gym. I am not getting out of bed and I am eating whatever I want. I am drinking soda by the gallons and I am gaining all the weight back that I have lost. I am not handling it very well. That is the physical side.

The spiritual has helped. We know there is another world and that this is not the end. That is comforting and has created a solid foundation. Still, we are a bit numb and not praying as intently as we should. Reading is difficult. Anything but mind numbing TV is difficult. Not a great place.

Financially, this is devastating. We are it. She had nothing and did not have any insurance. No life insurance or anything to help with costs. We are on the hook for $10,000 that we do not have. We put it on our credit card, but the payment will be too much for us on a monthly basis. Once the funeral is over, we will have to figure out what we are going to do.

There was no thought as to having a funeral and doing things the right way. She deserved it. An aunt was kind enough to make a go fund me account and send it out. That is where we get to the one.

The go fund me, would be generous if it raised the $5,000. That would be half and would be amazing – however, after almost a week, there has only been one donation for $15. It is almost symbolic to me at this point. The generosity of 1 person, even for a modest amount.

Believe me, we have at least 1,000 people in our lives who know and care for her, and $5 from each would cover the cost, yet we have the 1. I am overwhelmed that even 1 person would be kind enough to care, even though we will fall way short on our goal, which would only cover half all the same.

Life is short, be kind, be the one.

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