My Plan

Start of the new year means a new plan. I was dead set on trying to start the year by following the slow carb diet. This is the diet made famous by Tim Ferris in his book the 4-hour Body. You pick just a few foods for the day (meat, vegetables, beans) and you do not eat or drink anything outside of those categories. You avoid carbs and drinking calories. For example: In the morning within a half hour of waking up you eat some eggs and sausage. You can also do a protein drink – no sugar – in the morning to get your protein intake high. For lunch, maybe a salad. For dinner, some chicken and vegetables or beef and vegetables. If you feel snacky, perhaps some cottage cheese. You can eat all you want of these items and then drink tons of water. 1 day a week you cheat and eat as many carbs and sugars as you like.

That should be enough detail, and I was set to do this on Jan. 1st. Then I took a pure collagen protein shake and ate 5 eggs with a bratwurst. It was so greasy and gross that I immediately started looking for other avenues. I had done this diet before and you can lose weight fast. I never seem to hold if off though and after about 2 months I am always so sick of eating so much meat that I end up quitting. It was unusual for me to feel this way after the first meal though, so I decided this was not going to be for me.

I began 2019 at 240 lbs. I reached 220 lbs at one point with the slow carb for a month or so, but again felt to gross to continue. I began 2020 at 240 lbs. Something needs to change and so this is my plan.

The exercise part will simply be 3 times a week. I would like to do treadmill every time I go, and mix in some weights. This should be about an hour a day. This will vary, but 3 times a week is a must.

My new diet started today. I woke up and took my Nitro and Sunrise while drinking a ton of water. I then made some Oatmeal with Banana, Blackberries, and Blueberries. I added some Almond Milk, no sweetener added. Nothing was added tot he oatmeal, but this – no salt or sugar. For the most part it was pretty gross, but I did enjoy the banana pieces. It filled me up though, which was the key. Next I took a number of supplements: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Garlic Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, Vitamin C, a Digestive Enzyme (Pre and Pro Biotic.) There may have been more, but I want to get on top of any sugar imbalance that I may experience – low blood sugar etc., from this new diet.

Now I normally would not do all this right away, but for religious reasons we fast for 24 ours the first Sunday of the month. That means no food or water for 24 hours, unless of course you are ill or sick etc. I wanted to get everything in today before I began to fast, so that is why I started in such an unusual manner and that will be everything till the fast is over.

When it is done, I have Muesli, which is a grain based cereal that I will incorporate, so my days will look like this:

Wake up with the Triangle of Health (click link for more info) and take Nitro and Sunrise. Then, as a meal replacement, mix a pure collagen protein powder called Fit20 with water to mix and drink. That is breakfast.

Lunch, I will take Nitro and eat Muesli with Almond Milk. I have made my own Muesli before, but find the one on Amazon found here is a lot cheaper and tastes better.

Dinner is going to be the trick, but it must be whole food, plant based compliant. When I did this before, a few years back, I really relied heavily and potatoes, mixed vegetables, and brown rice. Any combo, but keeping it simple for the first month and really trying to just eat the same things. Black beans, salad, and lentils can also be used.

After workouts I will take H5, which is a juice for of Collagen protein to help with recovery. Before bedtime I will then take my last drop of Nitro and Sunset to help with sleep and recovery.

I believe this program will help me shed some pounds and be much healthier and sustainable for a longer period of time than the slow carb approach.

Finally, I will be drinking nothing but water and will still give myself 1 cheat day a week, where I can have something like Pasta and even Meat if I have a hankering. I am also going to determine what, if any supplements are needed and when best to take them, but will keep taking them initially to balance my lack of sugar so I don’t feel faint.

Oh! One added bonus: The Nitro Extreme can possibly help with hair loss. I am going to be testing this out over the next 3 month. I have taken photos of my bald spots, added an entire bottle of Nitro Extreme to 16 oz of shampoo and will be using this going forward. If it helps, I will report back.

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