Seeing Results

At the risk of turning this into a food and weight-loss blog, I am beginning to see results. I hope you will indulge me as I try to transform my health.

I weighed in on Fri. night at 239.6 lbs. I had stopped working out since thanksgiving and eat horribly all the way up until new years. I did stop drinking caffeine, but not soda. I knew the first time I was back on a diet the first ten pounds usually go in 2 weeks, which is pretty quick.

From my last post – on Sat. I ate Oatmeal with fruit and non sweetened almond milk and I drank a bunch of water. I then fasted – no food or drink – for 24 hours. I forgot to weight myself on Sat. night, as I was starving and felt awful. Sunday was a different story though.

I felt really good and made it the 24 hours. When I was done I took some Nitro with some Sunrise, drank some water, and then ate a banana. After an hour I ate Muesli with non sweetened almond milk. Later that evening I made the mistake of making lentil vegetable soup, which was good, but made my stomach sick.

I took potassium and magnesium along with Nitro and Sunset in the evening. I continued to drink water all throughout the day and too my surprise, when I got on the scale last night I weighed in at 234 lbs exactly. That is quite a loss for 2 days. The weird thing is I really don’t feel too sick or withdrawals as of yet.

This morning I woke up and took my Collagen Protein for breakfast within 3o min of waking up and will take Nitro and Sunrise along with eating a bowl a Muesli at noon. The evening will see the same as yesterday, though I am not sure I can stomach lentil soup so I may do a potato instead.

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