End of the week update in my quest to drop a few pounds. The goal, I believe is to get from 240 lbs to 200 lbs. Since the holidays I had some easy quick wins, just by stopping with the soda and sugar. I did not expect it to be this much. I weighed in this morning at 231.2. That is almost 9 lbs this week!

The middle of the week was the worst. I felt ill from the diet and I did not seem to be losing any weight. I had gone to the gym and I think that holds water weight for a day or so or something. I was discouraged and almost started eating poorly, but gave it another couple of days and I am glad that I did.

I don’t look or feel amazing, not yet. With my frame I will really need to get down to 210 for it to show and I will need to tone. I have a lanky frame, so most of my weight is in my stomach. If I can tone that out while losing the weight, I think I will start to look better. To feel better, well, that is a mind set and I am not there yet, but getting there. My outlook is better though and that is trending in the right direction. Health wise, I was so ill in the middle of the week that it is hard to say, but I feel good today.

I added some things to my diet so I would not starve: peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread (the real whole wheat bread) and some noodles. I made chow mien for dinner and did not add weight, in fact lost weight, so I can safely eat these on occasion, but have to be careful not to overdo it.

I have a cheat day tomorrow, but I am not sure I was to use it. I may just add some meat to something, but I really do not want to eat sugar or dairy, so that should be good enough to feel full on my cheat day, but not gain. Still only drinking water and taking my supplements.

I know I posted that I was also using a product to perhaps help with hair loss. So far not much has changed, but I think it will take time, so if something changes I will post. I am taking pictures in case it actually works. So far the hair I already have is thicker and fuller, but it is not growing back. Its only been a week though.

The specifics of all of this is documented in my post “My Plan.

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