The goal for this week was to increase the amount of time I spent at the gym. It did not go very well, but I am still losing weight, though it is slowing down. I know weight is really a terrible measure, but it has to mean something. I do notice, even though the weight has plateaued this week, that my pants are starting to loosen up and I may need a belt soon.

I started the year at 240 lbs. I am not down to 228 lbs, as of this morning. I had only been to the gym one day this year and was hoping to go back more this week. I was lazy and did not go for most of the week, but Thursday was an outlier day, so I had no choice, but to go. The place I work had a lunch celebration at an Italian restaurant. If I have a weakness, it is Italian food, having spent 2 years there as a missionary for the church I belong to, and even more than Italian food, I love free Italian food.

I knew that this would stop my momentum of eating very little, so I had to compensate for it by going to the gym. I actually did pretty well: I had a salad and a plate of pasta – spaghetti with meat sauce that had Italian Sausage. Can I just say it was amazing! Food tastes much better when you do not eat much throughout the week.

When I finished work, I immediately went to the gym with the intention of walking at a 2 mph pace for an hour. I have a number of playlists that I use for my workouts and I chose a really old one because it was going to be a mellow day. I chose a Siouxsie and the Banshees playlist that I had created – that is basically like listening to the Cure for a workout, not the most upbeat.

When I got there it was a little crowded on the treadmill, so I decided to do the crunch machine and then some bench presses. Yes, while listening to Siouxsie. Once that was done a machine was open so I went to walk my 2 miles. After the first 5 min., I was actually feeling pretty good and since I had not listened to this playlist for a long time it was actually motivating me to job a bit. Before I knew it I was 2.5 miles in and still feeling good and I thought, I bet I can get a 5k in and even with walking the first 5 min., I was on a 45 min pace. That is great for me!

Of course that is when it all fell apart. My thighs started to chaff, my stomach started to cramp, and worst of all I started to get dizzy. I still finished the 5k, walking the rest of the way, and came in at just under 49 min. Not bad for just going for a casual walk. All the same I am at 228 lbs and hope to get that around 220, by the end of the month. The easy pounds have gone, so now I have to really work at it.

My final goal was to read the Hobbit and that is finished. I am now on to the Lord of the Rings, but the print is really small in my copy, so it is taking longer than I hoped.

Have a great weekend!

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