The Secret to Weight Loss

If I have learned one thing since trying to lose weight it is this: There is no secret diet or exercise program, it really is just moderation.

I began the year at 240 lbs. I started to take my weight loss seriously on the first Sat. of the year 1/4/20. I began with a 24 hour fast with no food or water. I stopped drinking anything but water and I am not eating any sweets. At first I was only eating whole foods, salads etc., but that gets old really fast. I stopped eating out for the most part and I started walking for 30 min to an hour maybe 3 times a week at best. I also take supplements to make sure I don’t make myself sick. That’s it. That was the hard part.

As of today my routine is to wake up and drink water and take my Sunrise and Nitro. I wait till around 11 am before I eat breakfast, which is muesli with almond milk. I take Vitamin C and D along with Alpha Lipoic Acid and an Apple Cider Vinegar pill. If I work out I take HL5 or Fit 20 all protein supplements. For dinner I eat whatever, but no more than 1 plate of it and take my Magnesium and Potassium. I end the day with Sunset and more Nitro. I try to make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, but do not eat anything after 6pm.

My exercise routine is sporadic, but I try to walk at least 30 min when I go and then either lift a little or continue to walk or run for another 30 min. Last night I pushed myself to do a 5k and I finished in 45 min and 52 sec. I think that is my best ever time, but still lots of room for improvement.

I came in at 224.8 lbs this morning, which means I have lost 15 lbs since the beginning of the year. Any diet I have ever done previous to this has been painful and thought he pounds came off, it was not sustainable. This feel sustainable, because outside of sweets and soda, I have not really given up anything. I even went to lunch with a friend and another with co-workers where I ate a large plate of food and still lost the weight.

That may have been the secret all along, just eat in moderation and light exercise. Nothing ground breaking, but it is certainly working for me. Goal is to be at 200 lbs at some point, but 220 is within reach and that will be an awesome milestone so soon after the new year.

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