Have I Gone too Far or Not Far Enough?

Last I checked in, I was at 224 lbs, which is a loss of 16 lbs since I started on Jan. 4th. I never really thought about it before, but I am now wondering if I am losing too much weight too fast.

After I reached 224, I hit a plateau. Even though I wasn’t doing much different than I had been before, I started to gain weight, reaching 227. Not thinking of the overall picture, and that even at 227, I had last a great deal of weight, I panicked. I went on a water fast for a day, where I did not eat anything, I just drank water and took my supplements. I also put on a few layers of clothes and went to the gym for a 48 min. 5k. After the 5k, I worked out my legs and stomach, however I started to feel a little sick and stopped there.

I was then reminded that I had heard that losing too much too fast may not be healthy. To me, I want to be 220 lbs by the end of Jan, so the gain seemed like the end of the world, but after researching, there is a danger in going to extreme. I decided that I would slow down and be content with where I was at for a bit.

I then started to change my mind again, because most of the danger is in losing electrolytes and I have been making sure to take my supplements and drink plenty of water. In addition, I think most of the weight at the beginning was from all the soda I had been consuming, so I should see a quick drop right away, just by giving that up.

Finally, I decided to keep eating the way I have been, intermittent fasting really, but take it a little more easy this week at the gym. As of today I am at 223.6, and dropping. I have not been to the gym, but will return in a couple of days to walk. I also have a religious fast coming up on the first Sunday of the month, which will be 24 hours of no food or water. I have to make sure I take it easy before then and make sure to take lots of supplements prior, so I do not feel ill. I don’t anticipate I will feel ill, but mostly a precaution. My hope is that 220 will be the result and I can celebrate with some pizza or something good! Then I will continue the downward trend in Feb. to, I hope 210 and then finally 200 by end of March. I thin that is a good, healthy weight for me to try and maintain, once I get there.

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