I have been taking a break from going to the gym, because I felt like I have been losing too much weight too fast. That changed this week and I am back at it.

The bad news is I felt weak when I returned. I could only walk a little bit on Monday, but on Tuesday I pushed it. I got on the treadmill and walked for 5 min. Then I rotated 1 min of running and 2 min of walking. The end result was a 5k at 45:53 seconds. One of if not my best time. Today I hope to start from the beginning and not walk the first 5 min., to see where I can get to.

The problem is that my recovery yesterday was awful. My knees hurt and I was sore. I feel a little better today, so I want to try it again.

I have not been eating all that great. I have kept to only eating between 10 am and 6 pm with only water to drink. I have kept up on all my supplements, so that has been good, but I have been eating greasy foods.

Still, I weighed in this morning at 222.4, which is exactly where I was at when I began to take it easy. My next goal is 220, so I need to push it a little bit. I was going to go for 200 by the end of Feb., but I think that may be too fast, so once I get to 220, I will see how I feel and work towards 215 by the end of the month. I think that is more realistic.

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