I May Have Learned Something

It was an accident to be sure. I have been stuck for the last two or three weeks at 222 – 224 lbs. In the big picture, that is still 17 – 18 lbs for the year, which is really good, but I was getting discouraged because I really haven’t changed much in diet and exercise since the year began and I am no longer losing weight. That changed today, and I may have accidentally run into something I had not thought of before.

I weighed in today at 220.8. My goal is to be at 220 and below by the end of Feb. and it was seeming like I was not going to get there. In fact, I gave up over the weekend. I got so discouraged I decided to eat a doughnut. OK I had a couple of doughnuts and a sugary vitamin water.

That is a big deal for me, because I have not had any sugar – well bad sugar – since the beginning of the year. I had had carbs, but not sweets, and certainly not in a drink. On Monday, I resumed my regular walk/run a mile and a half and worked out on the ab machine. Only about a 30 min. workout all together and nothing that would be anything noteworthy. I then went home and had Taco Soup with corn chips for dinner.

I expected to gain weight – not much, but in the 223 range, cause that is what has been happening. However, I lost weight. I mean 220.8 is crazy! Especially since I gave in and had sugar.

When I think about it though, I remember reading in the slow card diet, I am not doing that diet, I am doing Intermittent Fasting and making sure I don’t drink my calories or eat sweets, but I remember reading something about the importance of every once in awhile splurging on sweets and that it actually helps to increase your metabolism, when done periodically, not all the time, and it was help with the weight loss.

I mean, that sounds like good news cause those doughnuts were really good! That may be a little secret that I have accidentally run into. Sort of a new jump started to weight loss when it seems that the lbs are not coming off fast enough or are stagnant.

I am not sure if that is what did it, but I will try to have sweet cheat day once a month to test it out.

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