The goal for this week was to increase the amount of time I spent at the gym. It did not go very well, but I am still losing weight, though it is slowing down. I know weight is really a terrible measure, but it has to mean something. I do notice, even though the weight has plateaued this week, that my pants are starting to loosen up and I may need a belt soon.


Outside of my health, which I am trying desperately to get under control, I have been feeding my mind with books. I realized during the Christmas break, that I have never read A Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens. I have watched the movie a 100 times, but I thought, I have that book sitting on my bookshelf, why not read it? Turns out its not that long and only took me a couple of days - Mostly because I was being lazy.

Getting Ahead of Myself

I was feeling really good on Tuesday, like super good, so I decided when we went to the gym that I wanted to try to complete a 5k on the treadmill. When we go on our cardio days I typically walk at 3 mph for 45 - 50 min. This is enough to get the blood moving, and with the ups and downs of the treadmill it gives me a decent workout for a beginner.